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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the hi-life offer?
As of 21/08/2017, hi-life will offer their members one simple discount of 20% off the entire bill, which we will ensure is honoured 7 days a week.
Why has the hi-life offer changed? In December 2016, hi-life became part of The Dining Club Group, who are also the owners of tastecard and The Gourmet society. We surveyed members and restaurant partners about what was missing from the old hi-life offer as we wanted to ensure that we remained current, innovative and to continually present experiences that you, your friends, and your family will benefit from and enjoy.
Do I need to book in advance? There is no need to book in advance, just present your hi-life card upon entry at your chosen restaurant.
What exclusions are there? The offer is available all day, every day, 7 days a week. This applies to the total bill, provided you dine from the restaurant's a la carte menu.
How big does my dining party need to be? The hi-life offer is not just available for a party of two, but for 3, 4, 5, 6 and upwards, though it is advised that you check with the restaurant regarding their availability to avoid disappointment. 
How do I register for hi-life?
You can buy a hi-life membership and access this via our app. Simply click on the 'Join Now' button in the top right corner of the page and follow the quick and easy instructions, or call the team on 1800 901569.
How do you download and set up the hi-life app? The hi-life mobile App is available for iPhone and Android users. (Compatibility Requirements: iPhone (iOS 6.0 and above), or Android (OS 3.0 and above)), read the 'how it works' guide for details. If you have an old version of the hi-life app, you will need to remove this from your device and download the new version to be able to access the hi-life offers. 
How much money will we save?
hi-life offer their members one simple discount of 20% off the total bill, 7 days a weeks. For illustrative purposes if you are dining in Wicklow, and the total bill was €80, your discount would be €16
Where's my 2 for 1 offers gone?
From 21/08/2017 hi-life offers its members one simple discount, 20% off the total bill.  If you have a plastic card this will be accepted at our participating restaurants up until the expiry date printed on the card.
Can I keep my current card You can continue to use your current card until it expires, though any future membership will be a digital only product.
Why do restaurants participate and offer such a good discount? Customers are at the heart of our offer.  We strive to be innovative, to remain current, and to continually present experiences that you, your friends and family will benefit from and enjoy. This exclusive offer for members aims to help you and the restaurants to connect, and to ensure that you are the perfect customers for our restaurant partners.
What's happening with my Platinum membership?
As of the 21/08/2017, the Platinum membership will no longer exist, although lifestyle products are important to us and we will be launching a new range this year. In the meantime if that isn't suitable you can try our sister product tastecard, which will allow you access to great lifestyle savings. To do so, simply follow the link on your email and enter your redemption code.
How do I access the membership card on the app? Read the 'how it works' guide for further details.
Can I have a physical card? The hi-life card is digital only, meaning that it will always be with you, even when you forget your purse or wallet. All you need to do is remember your smartphone.
How do I re-join? First check to make sure we haven't sent you an exclusive offer by email, as you may be entitled to some fantastic offers. Alternatively click on the 'Join Now' button in the top right corner of the page and follow the instructions from there or call the hi-life team on 1800 901569.
What food do we have to order? You can order anything from the main menu (often known as the 'à la carte menu'), including sides and drinks yet most restaurants don't honour the discount on special menus, such as kid's menus and set menus.
Does it matter what day/time of the week we go? The hi-life discount is honoured on any day, at any time the restaurant is open.
Can I order food from any of the menu's on offer and get the same discount? Your hi-life card can not be used on special menus, such as kid's menus and set menus, but can be used on any item on the restaurant's à la carte menu, so you’re never restricted for choice.
How do I know when new restaurants are there for me to use? Our app and website are consistently updated with new restaurants and we'll inform you via email any time any significant changes occur, such as a new chain joining hi-life. Be sure to continuously check both the website and the App for any updates.
Is there an alternative if I don't want the hi-life digital card? You could try one of The Dining Club Group's other products, or
I'm an existing customer and prefer 241 dining, what do I do? We will have sent you an email, offering one of our sister products, tastecard or Gourmet Society, which currently offer either 2 for 1 dining, 50% off the food bill or 25% off the total bill*. To receive this offer, please click on the link in the email quoting the redemption code you were provided or, if you cannot find this email, call the hi-life team on 1800 901569
Does a hi-life card auto-renew? The new monthly digital card is an ongoing subscription, until you notify us of any desire to leave. The yearly digital card will automatically renew on your renewal date, please see our Terms & Conditions for more details.
I haven’t received my card         
If this was for a membership prior to the 21/08/2017, please contact us on 1800 901569 or fill in a 'contact us' form. If you signed up after 21/08/2017, then the membership will be solely digital and no card will be sent.
How much is the membership The digital membership will cost €6.99 per month or €69.99 for an annual membership.
If I don’t have a smart phone can I still get a card The hi-life membership is a digital only product, so you will need a smart device, such as a smart phone. You can't use your card through the website and you won't receive a physical one.
What do I do if the restaurant doesn’t honour the offer

If this occurs please inform us at your earliest convenience via our contact form. We will investigate the matter and inform you of any progress made with the restaurant.

How do I dial from overseas? You would need to call us on +44 (0)1253 685160.